ISSA GLOW UP!  A colloquialism more commonly known and formally pronounced as "It's A Glow Up" aptly describes when someone makes up their mind to actively rise above everything that has kept them down; to "live their best lives" and exemplify their most authentic, positive and confirmed selves.  A true "glow up" is an internal and external transformation, not simply a change in outward appearance.  In the present, our lives provide perfect examples of how one could personify this, in real-time.  And actually, the birth of ISSA GLOW UP! is one such illustration.
Like most, both my personal and professional lives were directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and job loss, in March 2020.  Opportunities hung in the balance due to the precarious nature of the world which has, at times, made it difficult to see clear possibility.  Eventually, that overwhelming feeling of wanting to be "happy again" overcame me and I understood that I had to dream a new dream.   
One day I awoke resolved to find that place again so gathered myself and indulged in a good scrub, shedsoakslather, shine and smooth routine.  Afterwards, I lit a candle and settled in.  Refreshed, GLOWING and wrapped up in my favorite fluffy robe I pulled out my journal, and for the first time in a long time, began to write.  What poured out of me was ISSA GLOW UP! which stems from an overall good-feeling I had after indulging in this simple act of making myself and my mental wellbeing a priority.  It immediately and directly affected my mood and encouraged a positive self-outlook.  It literally felt "leveled-up"!  We all need and deserve to feel good again and engaging these same, simple remedies are a great way to achieve that.
ISSA GLOW UP! is intentionally crafted with high-quality and hydrating emollient rich butters, organic sugars and enzymes; dead sea salts, vitamins, botanicals and essential oils.  Hand-poured candles, made with Vegan Coconut Soy Wax, feature wood-crackle wicks for a clean, long lasting burn of up to 90 hours. 
Bearing in mind a responsibility to my clients, the planet and its sustainability I strive to create as little waste as possible using as many sustainably sourced, biodegradable and natural/organic items as obtainable.  Those products are packaged in 100% recyclable glass jars and receptacles, where applicable.  Shippers and mailers are sustainably sourced and recyclable with some even carrying an Eco Packaging seal.  I also took care to reflect those ideals in fashioning the GLOW BOOK journals whose pages are (FSC®) certified and its polyurethane cover more eco-friendly than most other plastics. 
ISSA GLOW UP! upholds the belief that true SELF-CARE MATTERS and in saying that include the importance of what we put into our bodies, the act of performing physical activity and quiet time; being still or praying, meditating, journaling, gardening, cooking, creating and even listening to music.  2020 has been an extremely challenging year for everyone, nevertheless, it has served to provide the clarity required for each of us to truly SEE ourselves, to determine what matters to us and realize our own potential.  And make no mistake, the light that is our potential, exists despite the times and in stark contrast to any perceived impostor syndrome.  So I encourage you to be emboldened - claim your GLOW UP!  No more playing small and dimming your light. No more sadness, complacency, worry and feeling defeated. Don't wait for Self-Care Sunday (unless of course it's actually Sunday)! Get up today, scrub those blues away, grab that thought-catcher and pen your next great thing or scribble through soul relieving trauma. Light a candle to soothe your mind and meditate on achieving your best, happiest and highest-self. 
The time is now and you're the one that you've been waiting for! 
Thank you for entrusting ISSA GLOW UP! with supporting you in achieving your self-care happy place.
Be well and.......