Our Glow Box Sets offer you the best value for our luxury products. They pair items from similar product families together for a set price. 

Our current list of Glow Box Sets are: 

  • Give Me Face! Set (Face Scrub + Moisturizer): Choose from the Honey Pumice Face Scrub or the French Pink Clay Face Scrub paired with the Smooth As Silk Moisturizer for a set price of $35.
  • Give Me Body! Set (Body Butter + Body Scrub):  each Body Butter is paired with its companion fragranced Butter Scrub for a set price of $40.
  • Give Me Peace! Set (Candle + Glow Book): with your choice of candle and paired with our Glow Book, this combination helps set the tone for the perfect way to decompress. Included with our thought-catcher Glow Books are 4 inspirational stickers and a ballpoint pen stylus whose plunger doubles as a cellphone holder for a set price of $70.

In keeping with the vision intended no product substitutions are allowed.