I don't care what anyone says staying home

Yes, it sucks but eight-months in I hope that you've settled into the idea that staying home is the new normal for the long haul. In fact, it now sits squarely at top of the list of ways in which one can lessen the likelihood of contracting the Corona Virus (COVID-19). This along with frequent hand washing, using sanitizer, wearing masks and maintaining 6' of distance while in public spaces is the safety standard. So stay home, stay safe right? And "yes" that was a bit of shade in highlighting wearing masks because...... #facts and that's all I'm going to say about that. 😊 😷 👍🏼


Any who, WELCOME to the 1st Blog for my newly launched self-care company 

born out of the craziness that has been this pandemic.


Like most of you I've spent a great deal of time reflecting over a myriad of things - most importantly my wellbeing and determining what matters most now. 2020, as a whole, has served to place our mortality front-and-center and forced us to acknowledge the need for change. 

Before this I was a total workaholic driving two-hours each way in rush-hour traffic, everyday. Those 8+4 hours per day was taxing but I believed my service to others was important so stayed the course. After the country shut down and my service ceased I had time to be still. During that period my body made me realize that I'd been sacrificing rest, so I slept for a couple of months. Before this, I worked and rarely took a break to eat and as a result the impact of that stress sent me back and forth to the doctors with stomach issues. Working defined my every waking hour and provided me with a sense of purpose so not doing so began to feel a bit depressing. I also realized that I enjoyed very little true work-life balance across the 5+ decades of my lifetime.  So sitting in that reality made me ask myself, "What do you really want out of this life?" That thought made me focus on identifying what truly makes me happy and feel good.

One day, after some much deserved rest, I got up determined to shake it all off. I headed downstairs, whipped up a yummy smoothie and lingered over how perfectly it turned out. I was so impacted by how great that smoothie looked, tasted and made me feel that I headed back upstairs and decided to prepare myself a homemade "spa day" with it in mind. It had been a while since I was able to indulge a good scrub, slather and proper mani/pedi so I decided to treat myself!  Gathering the essentials I engaged in a scrub, shed, soak, slather, shine and smooth routine for the ages. Once renewed I wrapped up in a favorite fluffy robe, lit one of my candles and embarked on "getting it out" by journaling (which I hadn't done in years). What poured out of me was this!

Through introspection and reflection I acknowledged how I'd been coping through this and many difficult times in my life. It was probably the most authentic therapeutic self assessment that I experienced because it was done without fear of any societal sizing up or judgement. I'm the "strong one" so, more often than not, others fail to realize how mentally and physically taxing that can be. Strong people are usually the ones making things happen; ensuring that everyone has what they need, that they feel loved and cared for.  We always have a shoulder or our ear ready.  We ask if they are eating and if not, we cook. We make sure that they are happy, succeeding or encouraged towards their goals - we are always taking care of everyone but ourselves. The strong ones rarely know or have these same sentiments visited upon them so they/we/us/me must resolve to do those same things for ourselves and do it often. I also realized that the rare self care, that I was imparting on myself, was something that a lot of us could use right now. We all desperately need and deserve to feel good again; renewed, encouraged, content within ourselves and our feelings.

I have a natural affinity for 'loving on' folks and being of service is something that I uphold with pride. Embarking on this self-care journey allows me to continue being of service while also taking care of myself. I go back to that day (and many others since then) when crafting and packaging this thoughtful collection of luscious butters, scrubs, soaks, moisturizers, candles, books and the like. The end goal is to encourage indulgent self care, everyday; to make it our new normal.

This has truly been a labor of love for me, with a mountain of obstacles, lessons and disappointments along the way. I was determined to see it through to fruition no matter the imperfections, no matter my own fears. So consider this collection my heartfelt 'socially distant' hug to each of you. Indulge while sheltering-in-place and work on getting your happy back!

Be well and Thank You for staying home.